CSA - Never Leave Home Hungry TM    
                                                      Community Sponsored Agriculture-Farmers and Families Supporting Each Other through Food Justice                               

                                 Wellness Shares filled                                                                                     with                                               
                    a variety of Organically Grown Veggies                                                          and  Fruit                                                 from the farm    
             and Get Back on the Wellness Track!

Build Your Wellness Share
 Small Wellness Share
6   vegetable choices , one fruit option and one herb option

Medium Wellness Share
8 vegetable choices and two fruit options and two herb options 

Organically grown and Certified Organic
Non GMO vegetables and berries

Takoma Park
117 Carroll Ave
The Big Bad Woof
 1-4 pm
CSA pickup 

Hyattsville Arts District
5501 Baltimore Ave
The Big Bad Woof
 1-4 pm

College Park,Md
4920 Niagara Rd,  
Tayyib Holistic
1-3 pm 

      Interested in Home Deliveries
Our delivery area will include a 5 mile radius around Takoma Park and Hyattsville 
to begin with

   Every Friday  (CSA delivery day) is like Christmas!
   I do not want to take one more pill! I am changing my diet

   I feel so happy when I eat this!
         Guest at Art All Night

    This recipe is anointed.
  I have tried so many new vegetables that we like to eat now.
        C. M. 









Ready to Get Your  Fierce Back! 

Eat Well Now

Contact us at 5adaycsa@5adaycsa.com
of (301) 595-0379 
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