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                    a variety of Organically Grown Veggies                                                          and  Fruit                                                 from the farm    
                          and Get Back on the Wellness Track!                             

Next Delivery  

September 17 to Takoma Park 

September 12,2014 To Hyattsville and College Park

Build Your Wellness Share
 Small Wellness Share
6   vegetable choices , one fruit option and one herb option

Medium Wellness Share
8 vegetable choices and two fruit options and two herb options 

Organically grown and Certified Organic
Non GMO vegetables and berries


Takoma Park
117 Carroll Ave
The Big Bad Woof
4-7 pm
CSA pickup 


Hyattsville Arts District
5501 Baltimore Ave
The Big Bad Woof
4-7 pm

College Park,Md
4920 Niagara Rd,  
Tayyib Holistic
5-7 pm

     Travel Channel/Scripps Network
  Employees only

Interested in Home Deliveries
Our delivery area will include a 5 mile radius around Takoma Park and Hyattsville 
to begin with









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