Community Sponsored Agriculture- Farmers and Families                                 
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This is How You Eat the Rainbow!

Chives                  Beets               Green Beans           Tomatoes  Squash  Thyme 
Swiss chard                  Basil                                              Collard Greens                                 Kale                                     Corn                     Blueberries




                           Wellness CSA  Shares

 Weekly shares of farm grown fruit and veggies 

                                  1/2  bushel   filled                                

                                with   5-7 different                                                                             
            a variety of Organically Grown Veggies and  Berries 

This Week

We have   certified organic blueberries , green peppers,yellow plum tomatoes, bicolor corn, cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, romano green beans!
Organically grown
 blackberries,Italian basil, Thai basil, chives, and cucumbers,
Local donut peaches
Hydroponic green leaf lettuce  
for our full season CSA members

 Small Wellness Share
Certified organic(CO)  and organically grown (OG)  
           Swiss chard, collard greens, bicolor corn , green beans, tomatoes, blueberries
             cucumbers, and yellow squash   

Medium Wellness Share 
 Swiss chard, collard greens, corn , green beans tomatoes, blueberries, carrots, beets
             cucumbers, and yellow squash   

and  for our full season CSA members
 Swiss chard, collard greens, corn , green beans , blueberries, carrots, beets, raspberries
             cucumbers, thyme, mint, chives,crimini mushrooms and yellow squash   

Ready to Eat the Rainbow?
 Need More? We have you covered in our


Ready to Volunteer on the Farm.
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Contact us now!  

Univ of Maryland Terps for Change Students
helped us plant onions this spring!