Wellness Shares 

available weekly and filled with fresh produce enjoyed around the world and now in the suburban DC area.


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(301) 595-0379


Contact us (301) 595-0379


Our Story

We use only the best ingredients that keep customers coming back time and again.

We remember summers sitting on the porch  snapping fresh green beans, shelling white acre peas, and then, eating home cooked meals filled with a rainbow of colors and fresh flavors.‚Äč

Our CSA builds on the work of the pioneer of Community Sponsored Agriculture in the US, Dr. Booker T. Whatley. Dr. Whatley, born and raised in Anniston, Alabama,  educated at Alabama A & M  University and a professor in agriculture at the historic Tuskegee University, embraced sustainable agriculture before it was a buzzword, and grew local food for local families.


We believe in sustainable agriculture and nutrition. We live in a time where everything is fast, and nutrition and health have been placed on the back burner. At the same time, obesity is a global health concern, and Type 2 diabetes is seen in children as young as 12.

With the ongoing study of sustainable agriculture ,discussions with health professionals and conversations with farmers from around the world , it is clear that increasing access to   locally sourced and organically grown  food at mealtime, holidays and special events can turn back the hands of time to health and wellness .

Community sponsored agriculture can bring food- the good stuff- back home where it belongs, and help  address the lack of affordable and organically grown vegetables and berries in communities of all types, especially those with food insecurity. Join us  in our CSA journey!