Two options for our customers

Order one of our signature Nourish+Wellness Packages now online from our web store.  And you can order and enjoy our fresh teas available for shipping. We pick , dry and package the freshest leaves.



Make a commitment and purchase a full share. What does that mean? Pay the set amount for the season upfront and receive a "share" of the harvest each week during your chosen season.

For the Fall Season, you will receive 1-2 bags of fresh vegetables and berries grown on the  farm each week from September 8-November 10

Plant Based Meals- What's Stopping You From Eating More?

Registered dietitians are the main ingredient of any plan to prevent and manage diseases like obesity, hypertension, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, safely. Guest Cordialis Msora-Kasago is a registered dietitian, founder of the African Pot Nutrition and on a mission to help more eat more of the good stuff- vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. With nutrition facts and individualized meal plans from the African Pot Nutrition, eating a plant -based diet is a joy, not a chore. Listen in and enjoy! 

 Sign up for a whole season OR  take the a la carte option and order online on aweekly basis here.

If you would like to sign up, we will send you our CSA signup form. If you would like to buy now, please do!

How It WOrks

Environmental stewardship and regenerative agriculture are our priorities. We focus on:

Cover Crops-  crops like rye , oats and vetch help maximize soil health and mass.

Soil Analysis- helps prevent overfertilization and nutrient runoff.

Water Conservation- drip irrigation helps to preserve this precious commodity and keep our plants healthy.

Seasonal Planting-  the right time and season for every crop to reduce pest pressures and disease.

Bee Friendly- farms run on bees and we plant crops to protect these winged pollinators.

                                                                                  Fall Season

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(301) 595-0379

Ready to  commit to a plant based diet with a whole season of farm fresh produce?  

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Our CSA shareholders pay for a season in advance and in return receive a variety of fruit and vegetables each week. In the spring, strawberries, asparagus, lettuce, kale and more are available.

During the summer months, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, green beans and more.  And in the fall, the leafy greens make their safe return as the summer crops wind down.  For our members, that means the best of both worlds with summer and fall veggies available. 

We have two options for you to join in the fun and add fresh and new flavors and foods to your meals.

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Pickup  Locations


 On the Farm    12-4 pm Beltsville

 Hyattsville        4:30 -7 pm, 42nd Ave

       ( address given  with order)

Takoma ,DC Spice Suite, 4:30-8 pm ,

      6902 4th St, NW.


Beltsville, Md.,  On the Farm 9-12 noon

 Takoma DC, Spice Suite    12-6 pm


Delivery available within 10 miles of Beltsville, Md.


Contact us (301) 595-0379


Sept 8-Nov 10

Prepay and receive your a share of farm produce automatically from Sept 8 -Nov 10.