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Here is another recipe for Jamaica Sorrel from 'Cook Like a Jamaican". This site has authentic recipes from a home chef that enjoys her family, travel and introducing the world to people of Jamaica. 


What better way to start the day than with fresh blackberries. and blueberry jam for our warm drop biscuits. The blackberries are plump, luscious and packed with flavor that brightens up the first meal of the day. Add some smoked salmon with capers and you have a filling breakfast that supplies a healthy dose of Vit C, protein, Omega 3 fats, and fiber.


                                                                     Collard Green Pesto

We love collard greens and especially, collard green pesto. This dish is a way to add a ton of flavor to chips, dips, sandwiches, and meals. Try this recipe on a salmon brioche, kalesadilla, pasta or toasted bread.

This recipe is courtesy of Angel Anderson of the Spice Suite in Takoma Park, DC. The specialty seasonings in this recipe build on the flavors in more traditional pesto recipes. Hope you enjoy.

5 cups of  collard greens

1/4 cup of  pine nuts

1/2 c sundried tomato and garlic olive oil

1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp Rustic Tuscan Rub

1/4 c water


In a food processor, finely grind walnuts. Add greens, oil, cheese, and water. Grind until smooth. Remove from processor and transfer to a blow. Add Rustic Tuscan Rub. Mix well.

                                                                    Green Goddess Pesto Recipe

5 cups mixed greens-basil, collard greens, Swiss chard or spinach
1/2 cup freshly grated Romano or Parmesan-Reggiano cheese 
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup pine nuts  or walnuts
3 garlic cloves, minced  
Salt, freshly ground black pepper as needed

 In a food processor, finely grind walnuts. Add greens, oil, cheese, and water. Grind until smooth. Remove from processor and transfer to a blow. Add salt and pepper as needed. Mix well



5 cups of water

1 1/4 cups hibiscus flower

1 tsp dried mint
1 finger root of ginger grated ( several fingers on one ginger root; let dry for at least  1 hour to increase intensity )

Sugar (add to your taste). Light brown sugar used in some recipes
2 tablespoon of allspiceor 3 allspice berries

Pour water into medium size pot – add dried Sorrel blossoms, ginger and allspice berries. Boil the mixture for 30-45 minutes at a medium to low flame. Let it sit for 24 hours (the longer it sits, the stronger and tastier it in the refrigerator. Add sugar to taste. Strain the next day and enjoy.

Hibiscus leaves are a green leafy vegetable used in many Hispanic, Asian, African and Indian cuisines. Last  year we had a bumper crop of the leaves and the prized roselle used to make Zobo,  Jus de Bissap, Kabade, Agua to Jamaica and Sorrel.  As more Americans move away from soda, artificial colors  and added sugar , drinks like Agua Fresca and Sorrel can help you increase your water and antioxidant intake without the added empty calories.

Traditionally enjoyed during the Christmas holidays, this delightful drink is steeped in history and flavor. Here is one of the recipes we like that uses the dried sorrel leaf for a nice lemony flavor. 

Enjoy the original Cool-Aid, all flavor and no artificial dyes, maltodextrin or salt.



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